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Roof Damage? A Public Insurance Adjuster Can Help


If you've experienced roof damage recently, you may be looking at an expensive bill, especially if your insurance company won't cover everything. A public insurance adjuster can help with that. Public insurance adjusters are experts in quantifying damage and negotiating with insurance companies and vendors. Both of these specialties can help you get as much of your damages reimbursed as possible. 

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Sinkholes and Property Damage: What Homeowners Need to Know


Many homeowners think about the risk to their home from fire or floods. In Florida, it may be necessary to also prepare for a sinkhole. The damage from this type of natural disaster is not officially tracked, but the U.S. government estimates that sinkholes cause approximately $300 million in damage per year and believe that is a conservative estimate. Here is what you should know.

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Five Things That Make the Insurance Claim Process Easier


People are understandably upset when their home is damaged or destroyed, and it is very unusual for anyone to feel that filing an insurance claim made the moment easier. There is no way to make the experience simple, but there are ways to improve the claims process so it is more lucrative and efficient for the property owner.

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