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4 Reasons to Hire a Private Insurance Adjuster After a Natural Disaster

When your home is badly damaged because of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or a tornado, it can be hard to know what to do. In order to have your home repaired, you will need to contact your homeowner's insurance company to file a claim. When you file the claim, an insurance adjuster will come to your home to determine how much damage they think the house suffered and what it will cost to repair it.
Before agreeing to any amount the adjuster quotes you, you need to hire a public adjuster to look at the damage and provide you with an independent assessment for the home.
While hiring a public adjuster to inspect the property may seem excessive, you have to remember that the insurance adjuster has the best interests of the insurance company in mind, not your best interests.
Many people do not realize that they can hire a public adjuster before agreeing to an amount offered by an insurance company. The offer from the insurance company will remain available while you have a public adjuster look at your house, so there is no risk involved. Use the following guide to learn a few reasons why hiring a public adjuster is so important.

A Public Adjuster Will Determine What Damage Has Been Done to Your Home

When an adjuster from the insurance company come so to look at the damage that has been done to your home, they may not do as thorough of an inspection as a private adjuster will do. The insurance adjuster's goal is for the insurance company to have to pay as little for the repairs as possible. Having a public adjuster inspect your home ensures that all damage is discovered right away.

A Public Adjuster Will Determine the True Cost of the Repairs

An insurance adjuster may not take into account the true cost for all of the repairs that need to be done. The private adjuster will consider the cost of materials, labor and permits that will be needed in order to get your home back to its previous condition. The public adjuster takes the guesswork out of assessing the cost of the repairs.

A Public Adjuster Will Help You Avoid Being Taken Advantage of by the Insurance Company

Many insurance companies rely on the ignorance of homeowners in order to pay as little as they possibly can when it comes to repairing a home. They often work quickly to try to get a homeowner to agree to an amount that may or may not cover all of the repairs that are needed. A public adjuster does not benefit from lowballing the cost of the repairs.

A Public Adjuster Can Serve as Backup if Your Claim Goes to Court

If the public adjuster determines that the amount offered by the insurance company is far different than what the true cost of the repairs will be, you need to contact the insurance company right away and submit the findings that were discovered. The insurance company may choose to raise their offer or may refuse, which could cause you to have to take the claim to court.
When you go to court to file a lawsuit against the insurance company, the private adjuster can serve as a backup in your case. They can testify to the damage that they assessed and how much they found it would cost to do the necessary repairs. This can help to better your chances of winning the lawsuit when it goes to court.
If your house has been badly damaged, hire The People's Choice Public Adjuster to assess the damage before agreeing to any amount from your insurance company. Our trained adjusters can come and look at the damage right away so you can let your insurance company the amount the adjuster determined the repairs would cost. This allows you to start the repair process as soon as possible. 
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