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How a Public Adjuster Can Help You Settle a Water Damage Problem in the House You Just Bought

When you buy a house, there are several measures in place designed to protect you from purchasing a home with defects the seller knew about. If you end up finding major water damage and mold in the house shortly after buying it and did not know about it, you might want to hire a public adjuster for help.

Why This Is a Problem

There are two main measures in place designed to protect people when buying a house, and these measures help buyers know about any defects in a house before they purchase it. The first method buyers have is a full-disclosure form the seller filled out. This form requires sellers to disclose all known problems a house has so buyers know about it.
The second measure buyers have is a home inspection. If the buyer failed to list these problems and the home inspector failed to find them, you will have a major problem on your hands. If you can prove the buyer knew about the problem, you could sue him or her. You might also have the right to sue the home inspector for not finding these issues.

The Role of a Public Adjuster

Hiring a public adjuster is one of the best steps you can take in this situation. A public adjuster is a company that works for you, and you will not even have to pay the adjuster unless you recover money for the issues your house has. The public adjuster you hire has several key roles and responsibilities.
The first is to locate the full extent of the problem the house has. In this case, the adjuster will need to locate all areas of the house affected by the water damage and mold. Water damage can occur for many reasons, including from broken pipes in walls. After discovering the entire problem, the adjuster calculates the entire cost of repairing the damage.
Secondly, the adjuster will work with your home insurance company to recover money from them for the damages. In addition, the adjuster could help you if you decide to sue the homeowner for the damage he or she did not reveal in the full-disclosure form.

Why Making a Homeowner's Claim Is Not Usually Enough

If you are wondering why you would need a public adjuster, it's important to understand that a public adjuster works for you. Public adjusters do not work for your insurance company. If you decided to make a claim for the water damage with your homeowner's insurance company, you could experience several problems, which include the following:
1. They might deny your claim – Homeowner's insurance companies have the right to deny claims if there is not enough evidence that the insurance policy covered the type of damage the homeowner experienced. If this happens, you would have to pay for the work out of your pocket.
2. Insurance companies do not always create fair estimates for repairs – The second main problem you could encounter involves the amount of money the insurance company gives you. This amount may not cover all the costs of repairs, which means you would have to pay more out of your pocket.
Public adjusters work hard at settling claims with insurance companies, and are usually able to recover more money through the claims process than people can on their own.
If you hire a public adjuster and find that the damage occurred from something that your policy covered, you will have a better chance receiving compensation for your claim. You will also have the evidence you need to sue the seller of the house for damages.
Settling insurance claims alone is not always the best route to take. If you need help with a problem you have in the house you just purchased, contact The People's Choice Public Adjuster to find out more information.
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