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Professional Claims Adjustment for Sinkhole Damage

Sinkholes can cause extensive property damage depending on their size and depth. Some swallow entire buildings; others leave a house or commercial property heavily damaged or uninhabitable.  

Signs of a sinkhole include prominent cracks in your home’s interior and exterior, or in the windows, doors, walls and ceilings. In addition, windows and doors may be difficult to close as they no longer fit properly in their frames. There might be depressions in the yard surrounded by dying vegetation, or a driveway or walkway with deep cracks. In other cases, water from the faucets may contain large amounts of sediment. There are even cases when homeowner see the ground opening up.

At the first real sign of a sink hole, it’s important to contact The People’s Choice Public Adjuster for a comprehensive damage assessment. In many cases, your insurance carrier will send a professional engineering team to drill into the ground and check the soil. These samples will be used to analyze the soil composition to determine whether there has been sinkhole activity. What’s important to know is that these engineers work for the insurance company. As your representative, we secure the same reports from an objective provider.

The People's Choice works closely with you and your insurance company to get the damage repaired quickly. We can recommend professional construction and sinkhole damage remediation firms to guarantee you get the work done with superior service and an affordable price.

What You Can Do

free damage assessment

At the first sign of a sinkhole – soil depressions, concrete cracks, leaking pipes, cracks above entry ways, cracks in your tile flooring, windows & doors that have gotten hard to open and close – call us immediately for a free damage assessment.

sinkhole warning

Rope off the area and post sinkhole damage warning signs.

report sinkhole

Alert local and county building departments.

sinkhole damage

Stay out of the area.

claims inspectors

Don’t try to hire repair professionals before our inspectors can assess the damage.

Call The People’s Choice Public Adjuster to ensure you get the settlement you deserve, not what the insurance company thinks you need!


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