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Theft/Vandalism Damage Claims in South Florida

Imagine you’ve returned from a relaxing vacation only to find that intruders have entered your property, leaving behind significant building and contents damage. Or, that they’ve not only damaged your property but have also stolen thousands of dollars of valuables. Actually, this scenario could be a reality, and how it’s handled will determine your insurance coverage.

When we meet with you, we’ll need a list of missing or damaged articles. As far as damage to the property – broken windows and/or doors – leave that to us. We’ll complete an inspection and prepare a comprehensive estimate of damage.

When someone breaks into your home, the feelings of fear and anger will take time to subside. While you heal, leave it to us to make sure your insurance carrier pays for the total cost of items broken, damaged or stolen resulting from a home invasion, vandalism or burglary.

What You Can Do

theft policy coverage

Make sure your insurance policy covers what you have. Do you need a rider for jewelry or other high-ticket items?

theft prevention

Ensure you have good locks and seriously consider a centralized alarm service or security cameras.

theft claims advice

Ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your home while you’re away.

report property theft

Call the police immediately. They will investigate and prepare a report that will be necessary when filing an insurance claim. It’s up to you to provide a comprehensive list of all items missing or vandalized.

theft claims adjuster

Keep receipts for big-ticket items, since insurance companies want to verify that you owned them in the first place. Consider photographing or videoing your property and contents. This will provide undeniable proof of ownership to the carrier.

Call The People’s Choice Public Adjuster to ensure you get the settlement you deserve, not what the insurance company thinks you need!


theft and vandalism claims
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